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How AA Meetings Can Help Keep You Sober

21 Feb

After Rehab Sobriety Is a Lot of Hard Work

When it comes to sobriety, it truly is a lot of hard work. Even though the reward is well worth the efforts, after rehab it can be a very long road to recovery. That is why there are numerous tools available to those in recovery that can make the process much less cumbersome and painstaking. Many times, those in recovery are too quick to assume they can do it on their own, and such a belief can make it easy to relapse. Without utilizing the tools available, many find sobriety lonely and discouraging, and rationalize their pain as part of the process, inevitably associating recovery with pain rather than hope. This is why it is so important to stay connected to tools that make sobriety work.

Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous Meetings Have Worked for Millions in Recovery

One of the best methods of staying clean is through a 12 Step program, like Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). These meetings have worked for millions in recovery, offering a support system for overcoming addiction and a community of like-minded members. Their model encourages discussions on sobriety in a private, discreet setting that promotes personal responsibility and improves coping skills. Everyone at these meetings shares a commitment to abstain from substances of any kind by taking it one day at a time.

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AA Meetings and NA Meetings Are a Venue to Discuss the Real Life Struggles

The meetings are an excellent venue to discuss the real life struggles that come along with recovery and sobriety by learning coping strategies and behaviors. Camaraderie is the backbone to reinforce each other and through complete understanding of the efforts required to stay on track. AA and NA rely heavily on goal setting, analyzing situations where substances were used, and strategies for coping. AA meetings and NA meetings are open to anyone that is willing to make the commitment to refrain from using any substances. The combination of sharing real life stories, celebrating sobriety, and working the 12 Steps is a big part of why this program works so well. Friendships are formed and outings are planned outside the meetings.

Friendships of Sponsors and Those They Guide Are Irreplaceable

Part of the 12 Step experience is sponsorship, a form of mentoring through sobriety. The job of a sponsor is to guide you through the 12 Steps using their personal experience, leading by example, sharing stories of personal experiences, and teaching coping techniques. They are a friend that you can call when you need an ear to listen or when you feel an urge that can lead to bad decision making. A sponsor acts as a person to both emulate and empathize with, and the friendships of sponsors and those they guide are irreplaceable.

Community Support Is How Addiction Can Become Recovery

It is critical to stay connected to the networks that offer support and help. Needing other people is not shameful, it’s expected and encouraged. Sometimes you need a meeting, maybe a friend, or maybe someone to just listen for a while. This is how you can get through the tough times and come out on the other side. Community support is how addiction can become recovery.

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