September 11, 2017:

We are pleased to report all of our client’s and staff weathered the storm well. Therapeutic sessions were able to continue and everyone has coped very well. We plan on moving the clients tomorrow, September 12, 2017 after breakfast and expect them to load the buses and depart between noon and 2pm. Clients will be allowed a safety call to family members to update them on their status when they arrive back at their permanent location.

September 7, 2017:

The top priority of Wellness Counseling & Residential is to guarantee the safety, well-being, and comfort of all patients at our facility. The recent activity of Hurricane Irma (and the possibility of Hurricane Jose) making landfall this weekend, has caused us to take the necessary steps to ensure that every patient has been safely evacuated from our coastal locations. We have temporarily suspended admissions and the current participants in our treatment programs have been relocated to accommodations in Central Florida. To maintain the integrity of our program and continuity of care, our facility staff will remain with and provide treatment services to our patients throughout this process. Our focus will continue to be on addiction treatment and the safety of our patients. After the facility and area has been deemed safe for return, all patients will be transferred back to our facility to continue treatment.

We thank you for your understanding and are proud to work together with our partners to protect every patient as well as deliver continued treatment services despite the circumstances. Please call 855.442.7412 if you have any questions