parents running through a field with children after the family therapy programWhen addiction happens to someone within a family, it impacts everyone within that home. Even if you don’t see everyone struggling in the same way or at the same time, it’s putting a strain on relationships and the mental health of everyone present. That’s why a family therapy program is one of the foundations of your recovery. At Wellness Counseling and Residential Detox, we offer the type of detox and addiction treatment therapies you and your family needs to get through this.

What Is a Family Therapy Program?

Many of our clients benefit from our family therapy program. It is one component of your treatment in some situations. During this counseling time, we’ll help you as well as those you feel are close to you to work on repairing relationships. You and your family learn how to move on from what’s happened without blame or guilt. Your family members also learn more about addiction and substance use disorders and why it happens.

Why Is Family Therapy So Important?

Many people with addiction have a disease that makes itself the most important thing in their life. You didn’t want to hurt your family, but now you feel as though you have. It’s challenging to be on the other side, too. Watching a loved one make choices that seem to put their life on the line isn’t something spouses, parents, or children can easily cope with on a daily basis. A family therapy program can help in various ways, including the following.

Learn How to Communicate Again

Things don’t just go back to normal. During family therapy, each person needs to learn how to communicate their thoughts and needs in the proper manner. Thoughts and feelings can be expressed without antagonizing or blaming loved ones.

It’s also important for all members to open up about what addiction has done to them. This openness creates a new, solid foundation for a family affected by substance abuse.

Prevent Relapse

The family unit is the strongest tool you have available to you in fighting a relapse. They are the people who will understand what’s happening and help you to avoid it. They are also given the tools to know how to take action should you be at risk.

Family therapy helps your loved one understand relapse triggers. This allows them to stay proactive in preventing relapse by avoiding or providing additional support when triggers appear.

Work Through Complications

A family therapy program allows you to work through any difficulties within your relationships. This includes overcoming blame, guilt, pain, and anger. Every member of the family may need to speak his or her mind, learn what’s happened, and determine how they can move forward.

A Component of Your Care

At Wellness Counseling and Residential Detox, our family therapy program is one component of a larger treatment plan. It may also include:

Every program is a unique opportunity for a person to move forward in their recovery. When you meet with your counselors, you’ll learn which type of therapy program is right for you. A customized treatment plan is created to meet your individual needs and interests.

Secure the Care You Need at Wellness Counseling and Residential Detox

No matter what’s happened, it’s worth the time and hard work to repair your family. Our family therapy program provides the tools and resources to make that possible. Learn more about Wellness Counseling and Residential Detox and the services we offer by contacting us today at 772.773.1336.