Alumni Services

Continue Your Recovery in our Alumni Program

Your recovery is our ultimate goal. After going through detox and rehab, staying on the right path and avoiding relapse takes vigilance and a network of support. That is why Wellness Residential Counseling and Detox offers a range of Alumni Services specifically designed to help you stay sober well after your stay.

While recovery is something that is ultimately up to you to maintain, we do what we can to make your continued success much easier. Our aftercare counselors reach out every day to our thousands of alumni, providing ongoing support and wellness checks for everyone who has been in our treatment program. Additionally, they can provide information about local alumni meetings, conferences, and alumni groups you may enjoy.

Participation in our alumni program is completely free, as we believe that a part of our treatment program is the aftercare component. In the end, it is the relationships with fellow clients that will sustain your recovery in the long term. Staying connected with those who share your experiences can help ensure your continuous recovery, and our Alumni Services serve to facilitate those connections.

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Addiction is a chronic, progressive condition. Long-term recovery often involves many attempts and rigorous daily maintenance of aftercare. However, our alumni services can help to make your sobriety the same experience you were looking forward to well before you made the call to Wellness.

Our alumni services include:

Building connections with other alumni through social media, offering multiple resources for your continued recovery, and being available for your call whenever you may feel weak or alone are all things we strive to maintain in Alumni Services. Your recovery is just as important after you leave our care as it was when you were at our facilities, and we provide guidance before, and even after relapse, should it occur. We make it our mission to help you face life successfully, free from substance abuse, and to help you forge connections with others in recovery.

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