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Very comfortable in my sobriety

I came to Wellness for the well regarded Detox program. I stayed for residential treatment and was impressed with the quality and character of the staff. This was not my first rodeo as they say, but I feel like it could be my last. I feel very comfortable in my sobriety now – and that is a first. Thank you, Wellness.

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Best Decision Of My Life!

Nothing but good things to say about Wellness Detox. I was there a week, got off opiates, then went to a drug rehabilitation center for a few more weeks. Hands down best decision of my life! Really grateful for this place!

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Private And Comfortable

I’ve detoxed on my couch and a hospital bed both were terrible. Then I went to Wellness Residential Detox and actually received real detox treatment. I never even knew that residential detox was a real thing. They made coming off alcohol a whole lot easier than the hospital’s emergency care ever did. The Staff actually helped me get through my detox they didn’t just leave me on a bed for a few days. I received quality medical treatment in a private and comfortable setting. Thanks to all the Staff at Wellness Detox for helping me make it through my detox and get into a great aftercare program!

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Safe And Effective Detox Center

Detoxing from opiates is never fun, I should know I’ve quit cold turkey 2 times in the past and it was just awful. When I went to Wellness Detox it was still difficult to detox but the medical staff made it a whole lot less painful. They monitored my detox and did the best they could to make me comfortable. The atmosphere was calm, the rooms were nice and the staff was helpful. Wellness Detox helped me follow through with going to a treatment program after my detox stay. BIG Thanks to all the staff!

*Individual results may vary.

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