senior woman in the park practicing Anger Management Treatment Program techniqueMost people have instances of anger and frustration. For some people, anger seems to take over, causing you to engage in violence or outbreaks that you can’t control. At Wellness Counseling and Residential Detox, we offer an anger management treatment program capable of helping you to find that control and support.

When anger and alcohol abuse occur together, the first step is an alcohol detox center in FL.

What Is an Anger Management Treatment Program?

Anger management is not just for those who have a tendency to lash out or to get violent. It can help anyone who holds onto anger long term and has trouble letting go of this emotion. Our anger management treatment program is designed to address your specific needs. This means helping you to learn to control your emotions and feelings. It allows you to turn that anger into a tool capable of helping you to overcome the obstacle in your path.

This dual diagnosis treatment program provides techniques to deal with situations that incur anger from alcohol or drug abuse as well.

What Are the Benefits of Anger Management?

What you get out of our anger management treatment program is very much dependent on your needs. The specific goal of therapy is to help you learn the proper and healthy ways to express the anger or any emotions you feel. This may mean:

  • Reducing physically violent outcomes
  • Reducing instances of risky behavior
  • Learning to communicate properly so you can be heard
  • Improving relationships especially of those who are afraid
  • Explore ways to solve problems in a safe manner
  • Improved decision-making skills
  • Reduction in outbursts

For many men and women, our anger management treatment program goes further. If you are using drugs and alcohol as a way to control these feelings, your treatment will include addiction therapy. Some people develop anger like this after using drugs for a long period of time. No matter which came first, if you have co-occurring disorders, you’ll benefit from this treatment plan.

What You Can Expect from Therapy

Each person’s anger management therapy is different. These programs are never designed to take away your power or ability to be angry. Rather, it’s about learning how to communicate your thoughts and feelings in a more meaningful way. You’ll do this through a variety of treatment methods. This may include treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders as well.

Most often, our clients will enroll in a residential treatment program. This gives you the time and the right place to work on improving your health and outcomes. Individuals may continue or begin this program during intensive outpatient programs (IOP) if needed. Once you enroll in these addiction treatment programs, we’ll then create a treatment plan to address your needs. Our anger management treatment program may include:

You can be empowered to make changes in the way you feel and the way you express emotions. You’ll find our treatment program is designed to give you back your voice in many ways.

Gain Control at Wellness Counseling and Residential Detox

Our anger management treatment program at Wellness Counseling and Residential Detox is designed to give you more control. Learn how you can improve your quality of life and your relationships with our comprehensive treatment. Treatment may include:

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