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Our partial hospitalization program in Stuart, FL can help you transition back into your everyday life and responsibilities, while still keeping your main focus on recovery.

Your recovery doesn’t end when you are ready to leave the residential program, and neither does our care. Instead, our team of compassionate, professional addiction treatment specialists will help you make the transition into living on your own again. We will help guide you through this very exciting but challenging time in your recovery process. Steps in that transition may include a partial hospitalization program (PHP) through one of our trusted campus partners.

While Wellness Counseling & Residential Detox does not provide PHP programs, we work directly with trusted health care partners who do provide this care. We can help you choose a program that is right for you, and we will work with you and the PHP staff to ensure a smooth transition with continuity of care and consideration of your individual needs.

Benefiting from a Partial Hospitalization Program in Stuart, FL

Why should you choose a partial hospitalization program as part of your treatment? Consider the following benefits of this step of recovery:

  • As you gradually step back into the real world, you can bring the concerns and challenges you face back to treatment the next day, where professional staff can help you develop a plan to address those concerns and face those challenges.
  • You can also continue to receive support and medical guidance for any underlying issues that may be contributing to your addiction: co-occurring mental health issues, other medical health issues that cause stress or pain, medication adjustment.
  • Your relationships with family, friends, and loved ones will also have a gradual chance to re-connect through therapy sessions. The people you love will also be making a transition as they begin to consider who you can be: a new you, a non-addict.
  • PHP gives you the chance to build on what you have learned during residential treatment. Or it can be a starting point of its own, directly out of detox. It all depends on your individual treatment needs and plan.

Accomplish These Three Items to Greatly Increase Your Odds of Long-Term Sobriety:

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Committing to your program is crucial. You must be all in. You can only get out what you put in.

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50% of those with addictions also have a co-occurring mental health disorder. Treating this illness at the same time as your addiction is crucial.

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30 days is an arbitrary number, more determined by insurance companies than addiction professionals.

Stepping Back into the Real World with a PHP

Stepping back into your everyday life after being in an addiction treatment program suddenly can be overwhelming, and the sudden loss of continuous support can contribute to relapse. A partial hospitalization program helps prevent that by giving intensive support throughout the day, with programs similar to those you received during your residential treatment program. Many individuals in recovery benefit from this increased level of support.

Wellnes Counseling & Residentaal Detox can help you find the right partial hospitalization program in Stuart, FL for your needs.You can begin the process of socializing and re-learning how to live a normal life. This is a very important part of the recovery process.