Residential Treatment at Wellness Counseling & Residential Detox Allows You to FOCUS Exclusively on RECOVERY

An empty table waits at a residential treatment program in Stuart, FLAt our residential treatment program in Stuart, FL, we will surround you with addiction professionals. We will work with you through a structured program that is both evidence-based and holistic. Join us for this JCAHO certified residential treatment center in Stuart, FL where you will know you are in capable hands.

You will live in an inpatient rehab program designed for small groups. This will make your stay comfortable and help you begin to integrate back into normal social situations. It will also give you the opportunity to build new sober friendships that you can take with you after treatment.

Benefiting from Residential Treatment

Why residential addiction treatment? Relapse happens in over half of those who only remove the physical dependency of drugs and alcohol. Many people need more than just time to dry out.

  • At Wellness Counseling & Residential Detox, the staff of our residential treatment program in Stuart, FL know that hard work and education is the key to avoiding relapse. We can help you become mentally secure in your new sobriety and teach you how to safely take your new journey.
  • At our residential treatment center in Stuart, FL, you will receive more personal attention, so it can be easier to make a commitment to the program. There is more time to address underlying issues. Therapy sessions will let you better understand your behaviors. We will teach you the healthy coping mechanisms you need to succeed in life. You will be living in the Jensen Beach area in a comfortable group setting.
  • Socializing with others going through similar struggles with addiction will offer you many valuable chances to improve yourself. These interactions can help build your social support system. Some of the people you meet in an inpatient rehab program may end up being lifelong friends. This socializing also acts as a mirror. You get to see some negative behavior connected with addiction, letting you observe and maybe understand your own flaws more clearly.

Accomplish These Three Items to Greatly Increase Your Odds of Long-Term Sobriety:

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Committing to your program is crucial. You must be all in. You can only get out what you put in.

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50% of those with addictions also have a co-occurring mental disorder. Treating this illness at the same time as your addiction is crucial.

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30 days is an arbitrary number, more determined by insurance companies than addiction professionals.

Structured Rehab

A group of people hold hands at a residential treatment center in Stuart, FLPatients need structure to efficiently rewire their systems to function without substances. They must relearn many things before they can hope to choose a better path in the real world. Our residential treatment program in Stuart, FL is the best way to accomplish that, especially for strong and/or long-term addictions.

Process and Recovery

A therapist talks to a young woman about inpatient rehab treatmentOur top staff of addiction specialists and therapists are all part of the process. We strive to employ experienced and caring staff. During rehab, you will be able to discuss your problems, concerns, desires, and triggers in both individual and group settings. We will find out what best suits you and optimize your treatment protocol. Programs vary and will be individualized to your needs. Activities include group therapy, individual therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and opportunities for physical exercise. One goal of our residential treatment center in Stuart, FL is to help you find better outlets for your energy, better hobbies, and interests. We also teach you how to be happy without external validation and foreign substances. You can learn to love yourself!