Suboxone Detox

Suboxone Detox

We regularly deal with clients who have become dependent on Suboxone while trying to escape heroin addiction. In many of these cases, the person will not have been taking this drug under the guidance of a doctor but instead will have bought it on the street. Suboxone contains a potent opiate drug, and the consequences of abusing this substance can be severe.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone contains a mix of two drugs – an opiate called buprenorphine and naloxone which acts to block opiate receptors. It is used for the treatment of opiate addiction as an alternative to methadone. The benefit of this drug is that it is meant to prevent opiate withdrawal symptoms and cravings without providing an opiate euphoria. Even though buprenorphine is about 20 times stronger than methadone, the naloxone creates what is called a ‘celling effect’ – this means that the euphoric effects of this opiate are limited.

 Signs of Suboxone Abuse Would Include:

  • Using Suboxone without medical guidance
  • Using Suboxone in a way other than how it is prescribed (e.g. crushing or chewing the tablet)
  • Taking more of the drug than prescribed
  • Buying Suboxone on the street
  • Doctor shopping – visiting a new doctor in the hope of getting your hands on another prescription for the drug
  • Using this drug for any other reason than opiate replacement therapy

You Need to Detox? Here we are to help you

How To Escape Suboxone Addiction

If you or your loved one has become addicted to Suboxone, you will likely need a Suboxone detox to help escape the addiction. The compulsion to keep using this drug is strong even when the negative effect of doing so are obvious. The team here at Wellness Residential Detox has experience with helping people overcome this type of addiction, and we will be able to help you manage your physical withdrawals and cravings as you come off the drug.

By entering a residential Suboxone detox, you greatly increase the likelihood that you will break free of Suboxone addiction. This is because you will be supported every step of the way, and there will be treatments available to ease any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. We will also be able to guide you towards the next step in your recovery from opiate addiction.

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The Nicest Detox Center In FL

Wellness Residential Detox is by far one of the nicest detox centers in FL. They had a great staff to client ratio. Accommodations were spectacular and the place was clean! The staff was understanding, they conducted a few small groups throughout the day covering light material. Unlike a previous detox center, I went to that forced people to go to groups that were just way too complex for someone detoxing… Not the case with Wellness Detox they understood that people were just coming off drugs and alcohol. They didn’t push people over the edge but rather let everyone rest and heal. I’m satisfied with my detox and would recommend anyone looking to get clean and sober go to Wellness Residential Detox.

If you are interested in Residential Treatment at Wellness, please give us a call anytime, 24 hours a day at 772-324-4130 to speak with one of our Representatives. They can help you determine if it is the right choice for you.

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