What is Detox?

What is Detox?

The sad truth is that most attempts at escaping addiction never make it beyond the detox stage. It isn’t so much the actual discomfort that is the problem, but the knowledge that it would be so easy to escape this discomfort with a fix. If you were dealing with flu symptoms, you would probably just get on with things because you know you have no other choice – the thing that makes withdrawals so much harder is you know you have a choice.

If you can make it through this first major hurdle, you can greatly increase the likelihood of achieving lasting recovery from addiction.

Detox is a process that rids the body or drugs, alcohol, and any other harmful chemical substance. Because this can be a very harmful and dangerous process, it is best that it is done under the supervision of medically trained detoxification specialists.

The human body has an amazing ability to adapt. Drugs can have a harmful effect on every internal system, but the body responds by developing a tolerance to these substances as best it can. It is this attempt at adaptation that explains why over time we will usually need to increase our dosage of the drug we are abusing to get the same effect.

The body becomes so used to functioning with drugs in our system that it is initially thrown into shock if we stop using these substance abruptly. This is easier to understand if we use an example, so let’s examine what happens if we become addicted to cocaine. Regular use of this drug changes how receptors in your brain reuptakes a chemical called dopamine – it means your brain becomes used to dealing with high levels of dopamine and when this chemical is suddenly reduced, your body needs to learn how to adapt to this new state. Addiction tends to be both physical and psychological. The physical symptoms can include things like body aches, sweating, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, restless legs, insomnia, headache, and shaking. Severe physical symptoms can include convulsions and dangerously elevated vital signs (e.g. blood pressure). The most obvious psychological symptom is cravings, but there can also be feelings of anxiety, depression, paranoia, and irritability.

Detox Process

When you are in the medical detoxification facility, you will undergo an admission process. You meet our team of advisors who will work with you during your detoxification.

Throughout this process, you will go through your prior drug and alcohol usage and history of addiction. You will get a complete physical exam to recognize any and all conditions that need to be dealt with while going through detox.  This is done so that your therapist can create a unique recovery plan based on your needs.

Many times during detox there are a series of health issues that will arise, the most common being malnutrition and dehydration. The detox process can take anywhere from several days to several weeks depending on the substance and the longevity and severity of usage. Our medical staff may administer “detox medication” to help suppress cravings and to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal.

Several different medications can be given during the detox process. All of these medications are carefully administered by licensed medical professionals and are designed to ease the painful detox process. Any time a patient is given medication, they will be closely monitored for any adverse reaction.

Upon completing the detox treatment, the medical team will provide recommendation on the potential next level of care needed to support your recovery.

Wellness has earned the Joint
Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval
for all levels of care.

The Nicest Detox Center In FL

Wellness Residential Detox is by far one of the nicest detox centers in FL. They had a great staff to client ratio. Accommodations were spectacular and the place was clean! The staff was understanding, they conducted a few small groups throughout the day covering light material. Unlike a previous detox center, I went to that forced people to go to groups that were just way too complex for someone detoxing… Not the case with Wellness Detox they understood that people were just coming off drugs and alcohol. They didn’t push people over the edge but rather let everyone rest and heal. I’m satisfied with my detox and would recommend anyone looking to get clean and sober go to Wellness Residential Detox.

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